Moving Into Week 8

The babe is on the move this week. Yup that right, little arms and legs are now twitching according to all the reading I’ve been doing about week 8. Although it is too early for me to feel anything its kind of neat to know there is movement going on. Im bloated like crazy however and I know it wont be long until my flat tummy (that is already showing signs of bloating) will not be flat for very long.


The picture above is before the bloating.

The babe may be the size of a raspberry but the uterus is the size of a large grapefruit. I told my dad that this morning and he winced like he was in pain at hearing the word uterus. HA! I look forward to sharing all this information with him just to see the look on his face. My pants are getting tighter in every area, my eating is awful if Im sitting at home. Picture me sitting with a jar of olives on my couch and a fork… this actually happens and the cravings haven’t even started yet. Im in trouble.

I went to a new doctor this week that is a little closer to my house and who I actually really liked. I laughed when he says yes I can confirm you are pregnant… I thought well I could have told you that after taking 3 separate pregnancy tests. Anyways now I have a doctor I can see that is a 5 minute drive from my house instead of the half hour drive to my long time GP. Of course I will be moving on soon to a new doctor again soon for the specialized watch of the baby doctor but I think for anything else I will be staying with the new doctor I found out here.

I woke up this morning with a dreaded feeling of a runny nose and continuous sneezing… damn cold!! After texting my sister in law and her confirming that there is NOTHING I can take for any symptoms I’m a little worried and admittedly a bit cranky. I guess moody and cranky is going to be a norm for a while even though my family would say that’s always been the norm. hehehe. I will be making an appointment for my first dating scan for this little raspberry to help confirm the due date. Now that’s what I can’t  wait for. I want to see that everything is normal and healthy so I’m a little nervous to say the least. Hoping all goes well.


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