Dating Scan Set

I have officially set up as dating scan appointment for the first available day! January 25th I will get to see the little raspberry and confirm a due date. I’m so bloated these days and google things I really shouldn’t… like wondering if it’s too early to be showing and things about twins pop up. Twins run on my side of the family, my auntie Lori is a twin and although I’m probably just paranoid and bloated I’d be lying if I said it hadn’t crossed my mind. Don’t get me wrong twins are a blessing but as a single mom to be as well as a first time mom that would be far beyond tough. I’m not counting my chickens before they hatch, I mean I’m not even out of the danger zone yet as far as sharing the news I’m even pregnant yet so I’m going to try to just go day by day.

Sleeping is hard these days because I have so many racing thoughts about everything happening. Stressing is not going to do me any good. I sure notice things I didn’t before… I feel like I’m seeing pregnant people everywhere, I notice diaper commercials and cringe when I see kids screaming in a grocery store and I’m thinking what did I get myself into!? Hehehe.

I’m touched by the support I’m given from my family including my extended family. I still have one more aunt and cousin to share with but I’m waiting hoping I can do it in person. My poor grandpa thought we were all joking when we told him but we did confirm. He was a man who raised 5 kids as a single Dad. I still don’t know of any man who has done something quite like that. I was lucky enough to have both my parents growing up so raising mine single will be very different from their experiences. I’m glad they live close by because I know I’m going to need them. My mom is my sanity keeper a lot of the time and for that I will be forever thankful. And I know my dad will be a great papa, he and my nephews are incredibly close. Family is everything to me!

Taking things one day at a time with some excited energy!


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