My Little Green Olive

I am now 9 weeks. I am a little rounder already…. everywhere. I have been reading that someone who was underweight should gain a little more then someone who starts out overweight so I am banking on the fact that I know I was underweight before getting pregnant. I am about 5’7 and usually weighed about between 110 and 115. Right now I am a healthy 125 pounds and I’m ok with it. I’ve been a little tired but that is expected in the 1st trimester. What I cant get use to is the pee breaks that I’m having to take throughout the night, it drives me insane.  I use to sleep through the whole night never having to pee in the night before I got pregnant and now I’m up 3 or 4 times a night. My body is getting me ready for sleepless nights with a baby I guess… even though I know a crying baby will be a lot more work then just going pee and then crawling back into my cozy bed.

This week the babe is the size of a green olive which made me laugh when I read it. I’m eating those by the jar right now. Even though the sex of the baby was decided at conception in week 8 the sex of the baby started to develop. Week nine is the end of the embryonic period and the beginning of the fetal period. The babe’s kidneys, liver and brain are already starting to function! I always thought that pregnancy would seems endless but for me it just seems like time is passing very quickly. Even though I am so tired these days I am pretty happy thinking about this little life I have growing inside me.

I was a little concerned when I first got pregnant because I had been on depression and anxiety medication since I was 15. I had been on many different kinds before finding one that worked for me well and that I had been on for the last 8 years. Ive always battled with anxiety and depression and when I went off the medication I’ll be honest… I was worried which is probably the same for my Mom. I didn’t tell her I went off them until I knew I was ok which didn’t take long to figure out that I was. Of course this can change but I am paying much more attention to my mental health now then I ever have. And I can be honest and say that I have not felt this good in years. Yes I have anxiety about becoming a mom (and a single one at that) but I think that is normal for any first time mom.

I have 2 nephews who live right next door to me. They are 5 and 1 and are the loves of my life. My oldest nephew Paxton is just one of the sweetest, kindest little guys I know. When I told him I was going to have a baby he just couldn’t believe it. I had to tell him 3 or 4 times before he actually believed the words that were coming out of my mouth and ran up and just hugged me so tightly. He and the youngest nephew will be the closest thing to a sibling my lil babe will have and I couldn’t have hand picked a better couple of kids. Every time I walk into a room now Paxton just yells “Hi little baby!”. I don’t get hugs anymore he just wants to hug my tummy every time he sees me.  Then he likes to look at my already rounder belly and tell me that its getting bigger every time he sees it. Ha! Thanks kid!

Wednesday is quickly approaching which means I am going to see this little olive very soon and I cant wait! Then I will be sharing some photos on here and will be getting close to sharing the news with the world. I will be waiting till the second trimester but that is not too far off at all. It will be here before I know it.



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