The Little Nugget – 10 Weeks

I saw the little nugget again. It was confirmed that I was 9 and a half weeks pregnant which means I was right about the timing. I also got to hear the heartbeat for the first time and it was pretty amazing to hear. And another phew moment obviously being a single first time mom is that there is only one lil babe in there which means I’m just bloated. Ha!


I will be going in to get the results of all the other tests that were done to make sure the babe is healthy and well. Then I can relax and get ready for my vacation that is exactly 2 weeks away. I’m going to New Orleans and then a cruise and I have a feeling this will be my last holiday for a while. Soon it will all be about my lil babe and I’m ok with that. A healthy baby is all I can ask for.

Tomorrow is the start of 10 weeks pregnant which means the little fingers and toes should be fully developed and no longer webbed. The babe is also considered a fetus this week, no longer an embryo and an inch and a half long. I read that morning sickness could be at its worst this week, I’m going to thank my lucky stars I have not had an issue in that department. Anyone I have talked to other then my mom have said that they had horrible morning sickness and could barely eat. I have the opposite problem… food is just extra tasty these days. Ive been able to keep the weight at 125 pounds though. Im eating a lot of fruit and veggies and trying to stay healthy. However I have a sweet spot for a good whopper Jr from burger king. I cant help it, I love them.

I was lucky enough to get some maternity clothes from my sister in law and even luckier that we are the same size. My clothes are already getting so much tighter and uncomfortable and it kind of makes me panic a bit, so having some comfy alternatives is great. Yes my ass and stomach are already getting too big for the clothes I have in my closet. Having the sister in law be pregnant around the same time of year is also damn good timing. I have a feeling she is going to be my one of my closest friends through this thing. She is so supportive and so quick to offer advice I need sometimes and gives me a good laugh when I need it. Who needs a man when I have a family like mine. I’m a lucky girl.


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