Let The Changes Begin – 11 weeks

It’s been a while since I updated. I was supposed to see my new dr on Saturday but the appointment was cancelled due to the huge dump of crappy snow that has invaded the entire lower mainland. I got a call from the nurse saying the dr couldn’t get out of his driveway. Talk about disappointment! Seeing how I can’t get time off work that makes things very tough to get back in and see him… dr hours and my office hours run the same time. Monday rolls around and I’m completely snowed in myself so I can kiss trying to get a morning off this week. I wish my boss was a little more understanding but I’m not willing to push my luck with her until I’m actually a part of the union which is coming up at the beginning of March. I’ll just have to make another appointment very soon. I need to know that everything is ok. I did talk to the dr who said there was nothing urgent but I still want that confirmation. The snow needs to freaking stop… don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful to look at but I hate driving in it. It turns my sometimes hour commute into 2 and a half hour commute and makes me miserable and nervous.

Enough about the depressing shit! I’m now 11 and a half weeks pregnant and the beginning of a 3 week period when the baby doubles in size. He/she is roughly the size of a lime and is starting to grow finger and toe nails already. I’m getting headaches like crazy but trying to keep hydrated to control them as best I can. This week the placenta will actually start functioning and blood will start flowing to the the lil nugget inside my uterus. My uterus will start to rise next week but my goodness I already have a bit of a belly!! I’ve only gained one pound in the last 2 weeks but regardless my body is still changing and changing quickly. That’s something I still need time getting use to.

On the bright side the boobs are sure getting bigger!! I’ve always been small in that area and they are busting out right now. Almost time to go bra shopping for the next size but I’m holding out a little while longer. I’m using lotion and going to get some oils soon to try to avoid the stretch marks I’ve been reading about. My body is starting to look like a women’s body and not a 13 year old girl!

I’m keeping up on my reading and will soon start preparing my lil home I have to be able to share it with a whole new little person. It’s not a huge home but it’s all mine and I need to make it comfortable for me and my little one on the way. Big changes are coming to my life and the way I live and I want to make sure I’m ready for it all. Of course I have help from the family which I appreciate but I would like to do as much as I can for myself. I know my mom is getting excited especially when we talk about names and shopping. I want her and my dad involved in decisions like the name of the baby. I’ve already decided on middle names for the most part for both boy and girl and those will stay under wraps for now until I know for sure. And mom if you’re reading this… seal your lips!!

So many great things to look forward to but a lot of work and planning still to be done. All of which I’m very excited about.

Below is my tummy at 6 weeks compared to my tummy at 11 weeks. Granted I know I’m bloated but there is no denying that the changes have begun.




4 thoughts on “Let The Changes Begin – 11 weeks

  1. First of all, your lucky you updated your blog! I was going to send you an angry text! Auntie Lori was going through withdrawals! As for your Mother, she pisses me off! She keeps her secrets! I can wait for baby names, but I am dying to know the sex. Went by Carters again the other day and couldn’t go in! * is showing! Wow! I can’t wait to see you with a few more pounds on you! As for the stretch marks on boobies! It’s true! I am living proof and it happens fast so good on you for getting creams. I think the boob stretch marks bothered me more than my tummy. So rub it all over. Love you!

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