12 Week Milestone

I am officially 12 weeks pregnant. This is the last week of the first trimester and I cant believe I am here already. My lil babe is now the size of a plum and can bend, stretch, kick and make faces. Most the baby’s bodily structure is fully formed even though it still has plenty maturing to do for the next 28 weeks. This is the week the uterus moves up and hopefullyĀ helpsĀ me put an end to the constant bathroom breaks. My sleep cycle will be very happy when that starts to happen. Waking up 6 times in the night to go pee can be a little frustrating especially when you are feeling tired all the time. They say the second trimester your energy level should return so I am pretty excited about that! Its still bizarre when I look down and see a little belly starting. I always have my hand over it these days without even noticing it.

12 weeks is the time when a lot of people will share the news with the rest of the people in their life. Although I know there are some that wait to know what the sex of the baby is before they share the news. Im not sure I could wait that long because that means I may have to wait till week 17 or 18.Ā As of right now its just my family and two of my closest friends that know I am pregnant and I think its about time I tell the rest. I have a Dr. appointment today to get the long awaited test results I have been anxiously waiting on,Ā I feel nervous about going in but the waiting has really been killing me. And then I am in the clear I think to start sharing the news… but of course that too makes me nervous. I will only announce my first pregnancy once in my life and I want to do this right. Brainstorming ideas has been one of the things I have been focused on the last couple weeks and of course I still don’t know how I want to go about this.

My mom andĀ I actually went into Carters to look at baby clothes and bought my babeĀ his/her first outfit in newborn size. Looking at that stuff really gets me excited and in baby mode.


I’m even having dreams these days about the babe. Some are very bizarre and some I’m not a huge fan of.Ā A couple nights ago I was dreaming about the baby crying and not being able to find it and it finally stopped when my alarm went off. Ive had one as simple as me and my babe brushing our teeth together. I prefer the ones where I not looking for a crying baby andĀ panicking when I cant find it. The mind does some weird things in your sleep. I’ve read that the dreams will continue until you have the babe so I’m hoping they are good ones. šŸ˜Š




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