15 weeks – Apples 🍎 and Oranges 🍊

I’m officially 15 weeks pregnant and finally feeling healthy again. The bug I had was probably one of the meanest ones I have had in years! I haven’t puked like that since I was little girl, no water or food for so long really scared me but it’s all over now. Monday means I’m back at work to face the music which was actually ok. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow early just to have him take a second look at all the test results. I don’t think a second look hurts anything. My main concern is just to have a healthy babe.

15 weeks and my lil babe is the size of an orange… or apple depending on the app. He or she is moving a ton and although I’d like to feel it I haven’t felt it since last Saturday laying in bed. I even tried laying in the same position but I haven’t felt it… I’m so anxious to feel it again. The babe will start tasting what I eat this week as the taste buds are working and it starts swallowing the amniotic fluids 😩 Sounds gross. I’m hoping he/she likes franks red hot sauce… I put that shit on everything. Well except my salads of course. I just crave spicy everything right now. The little ears are now staring to hear noise too so I better start using my nice voice! Lol

Im trying to stay away from stressful situations and getting some great help from my Auntie Gina on coping methods so I can get some sleep at night. Dealing with a nightmare boss from hell takes its toll after a while. I dream about work situations and wake up sweating at night and then have a hard time trying to get back to sleep. Being off my medication that I had been on for years takes some adjusting and although I did wake up a few times last night falling asleep initially is usually when I have to most trouble. Last night I went to bed and fell asleep pretty quickly so for that I’m happy and thankful.

Next week I see my new baby doctor! The appointment is right in the middle of the day… my boss will love that. Oh well too bad for her, my health come first!




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