Belly Popping Friday

Just a quick lil update for today. It seems my belly has really popped this week!! No sucking in this belly even when wearing “slimming black”. Ha!



I lay in bed before sleeping and I’m just amazed by how quickly it’s growing now. I think time is going by pretty quickly even though I know once I’m very pregnant I’ll be wishing time is passing by this fast. I hear it gets very uncomfortable towards the end… I wonder who is going to roll me out of bed when I need to pee in the night… mom!! πŸ˜† Things could get interesting. I’m getting even more anxious to find out the sex of the baby and reading little ways some people try to guess by signs, High heart rate (girl) no morning sickness (boy) horrible zits on my face (girl) not craving sweets (boy). Β One can only guess at this point. Well that’s it for this Friday. TGIF BABY!!



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