16 weeks – Avocado Babe

16 weeks today!! 😁 This is the week a lot of women feel the fluttering start and I felt it two nights ago laying in bed again. It was a light flutter but I’m almost positive it was the little babe. He/she is growing quickly… this week the apps say the size of an avocado that moves around a lot and has eyebrows and eyelashes now. They say even though the eyelids are still sealed shut the eyes are moving and starting to sense changes in light. The babes ears are starting to get better hearing, being able to hear my heartbeat and voice sounds, and music close by. Pretty amazing!

This week I will see my prenatal doctor. I’m not sure what to expect but I’m happy to finally get in to see one. I’ve been wrestling with the idea of going in to a private 3D ultrasound… I’d be able to find out the gender a little earlier maybe and get some other neat perks like a DVD of the ultrasound session where they monitor the fetus movements and activities. I’d also get some pretty cool 3D pictures printed for my pregnancy journal. I’d obviously still be going in at 20 weeks for the regular ultrasound but the perks of the 3D one seems like a tough one to pass up. It’s something I’m going to think about for the next few days before making a decision. Going in for a private one does cost but I think it’d be well worth it. I still have a gut feeling that this babe is a boy even though the whole family is hoping for a little girl. No matter the preference… my main want is just HEALTHY.




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