17 Weeks – My Little Pear 🍐

I’m so annoyed with my blog! This will be the 3rd time I attempted updating my blog only to have the entire post get deleted.
As of Sunday I am 17 weeks and looking more pregnant rather then someone who has eaten too many cheeseburgers. The babe is the size of a pear and is moving a ton although I only feel flutters right now. He/she started growing some fat this week just like its mama and with that the skin becomes less translucent. My newest craving…. chicken. I’ve never like chicken and now I can’t get enough of chicken with hot sauce.
I met one of the OB/GYN’s last week and loved her… only problem being that she is due two months before me and was only covering for who I will actually be dealing with. I filled out some paperwork, did height and weight measurements and some blood pressure. She found my blood pressure as being high which may explain my headaches. I also did some more blood work at the request of my regular GP to keep an eye on some other numbers that were showing a bit high.
On another note I decided at the advice of my union rep to talk to the GM of the company I work for and let him know I’m pregnant. Wow I was nervous but like ripping off a bandaid I walked in there the following morning and let him know what was going on. It felt good to finally get that off my chest, I was just so sick of hiding it! Now I can embrace this pregnancy and stop wearing huge shirts and maybe focus on not stressing so the blood pressure can come down a bit. I also don’t have to deal with the tiny lady from hell in the office and only have to deal with the GM. Great changes to the office in hopes we can actually keep some girls employed without them leaving mid shift and never coming back.
I have the excitement of my gender ultrasound next Wednesday! This is something I’ve been waiting on for a while now and can’t wait to find out. I think boy but we shall wait and see if I’m right.


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