18 weeks – bell pepper

18 weeks as of Sunday. This week is a special one for sure… it’s gender week hopefully. I’m hoping this lil babe will be in a position that we are able to see if it’s a boy or girl on Wednesday. I’m so freaking excited and also can’t believe that it’s here already. The appointment is in the afternoon so I’ll be drinking lots of water to have a full bladder which I absolutely hate but I want the best chances of making sure we know what the gender is.

Last Friday night this lil babe who is the size of a bell pepper or artichoke depending on the app was dancing up a storm in my belly. The movements are starting to get much stronger and the belly I feel grows by the day. The baby apparently is sucking, swallowing and hiccuping already and although I don’t feel the hiccups yet I may feel that by week 21. That’s around the same time you may be able to see the movements from outside my belly.  It’s pretty cool how fast this lil one develops. I woke up this morning with some back pain which I know is only the beginning. I’m starting to wear some of my maternity shirts… I’ve been in the pants for a while now.

The weekend included some window shopping again just for the hell of it. Can’t wait to shop for clothes once I know the gender. For now I saw exactly what I wanted for the sheets and fabric patterns and colours. I’m sure the first poop explosion I may be regretting some of my choices but I can help but love the fabric patterns. My dad asked about there being more colour but there will be lots of colours in toys and other things. I’m also checking out other sites for newborn shoot props… I want to get back in the swing of photography while I have my babe and document EVERYTHING.





One thought on “18 weeks – bell pepper

  1. I agree, now that your about to have your ultrasound, it feels like time has flown by! I can’t wait to see the results! I also love your choices for your nursery! Very cute! Don’t go out and buy everything! I know where you live!!!

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