19 weeks – My lil Mango

Its a fitting week for this baby to be the size of a MANgo considering it’s been confirmed that I have a little man growing inside my belly. I went in for a 3D ultrasound to confirm it because the regular test results weren’t going to come back in time. I was told at my appointment at 2:30 that it was the first boy of the day. I’m so happy I know now, the following morning when I couldn’t sleep I did some online shopping for my lil man who I named the minute I knew the gender. The name however will stay under wraps for a while.

I have to say that despite weighing more then I ever have and knowing I’m only getting bigger… this is the happiest I’ve ever been. I LOVE being pregnant. I’m enjoying eating everything in sight, I’m enjoying having a belly bump and so excited now to meet this little guy. I have officially asked my sister Julie and Mom to be my support system during my labour and delivery. They have been just as excited as I am during all this and even planning the gender reveal party. I couldn’t imagine going through this without them.

There has been something amazing that happened after the gender reveal that has made me so excited for the future. I don’t talk about my babys daddy on here out of respect that regardless of me considering him a sperm donor he is still this baby’s Dad. One day this babe may want to contact him against what I want and that’s ok. What made me sad was that this babe has an older brother and sister who I grew close to and was not allowed to contact once I ended it with their dad. But things have changed… their mom contacted me the night of the reveal and we talked for hours. She wants our kids to know each other… I was so happy I cried.

That’s everything I wanted for my babe and she said that they will be so happy to know that they are getting a baby brother. Another pretty amazing thing is she is also pregnant with her current boyfriend and also due in August. Social media can do great things sometimes. I feel like I have made a very important move for my son’s future. She has not told them I’m pregnant and we are going to approach this very carefully as it’s a bit of a delicate situation with someone as unpredictable  as their dad but I’m so optimistic about the future of our kids relationships. I can’t wait to see those two again soon.

Finishing off my day feeling so complete.


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