20 weeks – My baby Banana 🍌

I’m am officially half way through my pregnancy. It seems like it is just flying by. I can say that the movement is absolutely my favourite part so far. Although you can’t see or feel it yet on the outside I’m ok with that. Sometimes when I feel it I pull my shirt up to watch and make sure I can’t see it yet. It may take a little longer then most pregnancies for that to happen due to me having what they call an anterior placenta. It means instead of the placenta attaching to the backside of the uterus it attached to the front side for some reason. I’ve read about it until I get in to see my doctor to talk about it. Although it’s a little more uncommon it’s far from unheard of.

This little guy is swallowing more amniotic fluid in practicing for breathing in the outside world. He does most of his movements as soon as I sit down or try to go to sleep. When I eat a fruit bowl that really gets him moving. Chicken is still my weirdest craving considering I refused to eat it until a few weeks ago. The worst part has to be the headaches and the swelling in my feet and ankles while I’m at work. My belly button is slowly on its way out and I hate it. Lol

I met with my baby’s siblings mama this weekend. We met at Starbucks and literally talked for hours (5 hours to be exact). We shared stories about our experiences with our ex and I got some great pregnancy advice. I got updated information on the kids and talked about how to approach the kids with my pregnancy. It was one of the longest and freeing conversations I have had.

Even though I’m a few years older then her she has and will be teaching me a lot. I couldn’t be more grateful to have her walk into my life. I was able to give Easter gifts to the two kids I never thought I would see again and even though I haven’t seen them yet I know I will in the future. She is one of the strongest young women I have ever met to have gone through what she has since being a first time mom at 19 to now living happily with her long time boyfriend expecting her 3rd baby in August. Her and her boyfriend are the outdoorsy type and are always out doing fun things with the kids. She even invited me out to do some Easter  egg hunts with the kids… I’ve already committed to some plans but next year when I have baby I’m sure I will be making time to spend with them.  All of this just makes me happy!!

I finally got out to go shopping for some new maternity clothes at H and M. My auntie Dede spoiled me and then took me for my favourite fish tacos at White Spot. We haven’t hung out in what felt like forever so it was nice to get a visit in since she is so busy with her kiddies and work. All in all it was a pretty great weekend. Now it’s back to the reality of working…. Im hoping my work hires someone this week so I’m not stuck in my office alone again all week for a 4 person job. I’m trying to stay positive!!


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