21 weeks

After reading that I may not feel movement on the outside for a while I was pleasantly surprised by a good strong steady kick I felt laying in bed. The movements are getting so strong that it now wakes me in the night and I caught the movements on camera. I thought I was the only one that would see it on the video but both my mom and dad saw it. I’ve discovered that this guy seems to like car rides because he is calm as soon as it gets going…. unless my brother is driving geez!!

This week he is as long as 10.5 inches from head to heel and they say the size of an endive 🙄  I don’t eat or buy those. He is still most active when I’m sitting still or going to bed…. leading me to believe he is going to be a night baby 😩. I’ll have to use Julie’s sleep training techniques for sure!

I feel like I’m doubling in size by the day. I shocked everyone with my appetite at the Easter brunch as I housed one of the biggest bacon burgers I have ever seen and polished off all the fries. I can eat anyone under the table now. My aunt says to me oh you’ve blossomed since the last time I saw you…. very good choice of words unlike my 5 year old nephew who says wow you’re belly is soooooo BIG. Gotta love kids.

Now it’s back to reality tomorrow for work after a wonderful 3 days off with the family. My lil guy got so spoiled for an Easter he wasn’t even here yet for. Gotta love family!! Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter 🐣 I sure did. Can’t wait to have my own little bunny next year.




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