22 Weeks – Papaya Baby

I’m getting bigger and hungrier by the day. This little guy is active and loves to kick me good now. My oldest nephew Paxton felt the baby kick for the very first time which gave him and I a big smile. I’ve stopped getting on the scale these days so I don’t start panicking because that’s not going to stop or slow me from eating anyways. Right now I’m obsessed with my spinach and strawberry walnut salad with raspberry dressing and a little bit of fresh squeezed lemon juice. It’s absolutely delicious 😋.

By the end of this week the baby should be hitting the one pound mark. His sense of touch is also coming into play this week as well as a better understanding of the sounds he has been hearing from inside my belly. I’m sure he hears his older cousins going crazy at Sunday family dinner! Ha! I often wonder if he ever grabs the umbilical cord and gives it a yank because I swear it feels like it sometimes.

I saw my baby doctor again last week and this time it was the one I’ll be seeing all the way through. I really liked her which I think is important. I’ve developed a heart murmur now which she says is quite common in pregnancy and isnt a cause for any concern. She also said an anterior placenta is perfectly normal and all it does is mask some of the baby movements for some women. I feel this baby well and fine… so much so that it wakes me in the night, much like the night pee breaks that are slowly creeping back in now. My belly button is already on it’s way out along with the protruding belly bump that my littlest nephew like to point out and say baby!!!! Paxton told me today that my belly is bigger then his papas which is sooooo not true. Little brat!! 😜

I always feel much better after a weekend away from work. On the bright side they finally hired someone so that brings down the stress level and makes it a bit more pleasant to go into work. I’ll take any improvement when it comes to that place! Makes me dred Monday a little less.


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