25 weeks – 15 weeks to go

It’s been a while since my last update. I’m 25 weeks now which means I only have 15 weeks left. It’s hard to believe that in that short amount of time I’m going to have my little baby boy. He is kicking and moving a ton and my dad saw him kick for the first time yesterday. I poked my belly and the little guy kicked me right back almost instantly. I still absolutely love the feeling of him moving around in there. He is almost 2 pounds now and starting to get some baby fat to fill out his wrinkly skin. A plus this week…  his skin is becoming a shade of pink instead of being translucent. It might be time to book another 3D ultrasound once those chubby cheeks fill out a bit more.

I do have some not so fun side effects going on now though. I get some nasty leg cramps in the night that wake me, I cant sleep on my back at all anymore, I’m having to pee a lot more in the night and at work and I have developed some swollen sensitive gums that bleed every time I brush. I had what looked like my wisdom tooth (my last one) flare up and cause me a very attractive swollen cheek for a bit but since has subsided which I’m very thankful for. I get lovely swollen cankles and fat feet and the newest one is heartburn… geez now that’s a real bitch. Despite these things… I love being pregnant. I consider myself lucky dodging morning sickness and other complications and what I have going on is nothing I can’t handle. Although if I had the full wisdom tooth pop through I’m sure that would have been absolutely horrible. My fingers are crossed that stays down there. Im horrible with anything to do with my teeth or going to the dentist.

Today we celebrated Mother’s Day with my wonderful mom who has been my rock through this pregnancy. I may be single but I’m so far from ever being alone or on my own. She has been there every step of the way in supporting me and backing me up in any decisions I’ve made so far. I know she misses her mom more then anything because I miss her mom too. That is where the relationships all began. The 3 of us were really close but I know they use to talk daily like I do with mine. I couldn’t imagine not being able to talk to mine everyday. She is my true best friend and I know she learned how to do things from her mom like I’m doing with mine now. That is why I’m so lucky to have had a nana like her teach my mom to be the selfless women she is today. I don’t know what I would’ve done without either one of those incredible women in my life. I hope I’m half the women they were as moms… that means I’d be an amazing mommy to this lil guy.



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