26 weeks – apple of my eye

26 weeks as of Sunday and this week he has been way more active. Watching him move around in my belly is very entertaining. At some points I can feel certain parts poking his way through my belly… I swear I feel a baby bum or a head  popping out and I’m able to watch it slowly move as he turns. My cousin felt it today so it was kind of cool to share that with her. She has yet to feel a baby kick and always asks if he’s kicking or not. During the day his kicks are very low and right to the bladder. In the evening the are high and to the side.

This week he will be about 2 and a half pounds, 14 inches long and start opening his eyes. Now if there is one thing I wouldn’t mind him having from his dad it would be the baby blue eyes…  maybe the blonde hair too. The rest of the qualities can come from me. 😁 Baby had his first day at the beach with me baring my big belly out and proud. What I didn’t know is how sensitive my skin is to the sun all of a sudden… I don’t normally burn but right now it looks like I still have my flip flops on. Lesson learned!

i have my appointment set up for the horrible glucose test for gestational diabetes. I spoke to my doctor last week about the fact my mom had it which means I’m at higher risk for having it. Joy! On another fun note I got on the scale at the doctors and have gained a total of 33 pounds in 6 months. No wonder I have sore feet, sore back and swollen ankles. I stopped getting on the scale at home to avoid panicking but I can’t avoid the scale at the doctors. Oh well, I’m hungry and pregnant and whatever. I like food and eat healthy for the most part! So I have some icecream here and there, I’m going to enjoy being pregnant!!

A picture from my app as I waddle my way into 7 months



A beach selfie… does this angle make my belly look big?? Ha! (Double chin alert)



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