27 weeks

I have reached the last week of my second trimester. I just can’t believe that I am so close to having the baby. Although he needs to stay where he is for the next little while I’ve read that he has a survival rate of 80-95% if he was born from here on out. Weighing under 3 pounds though I’d prefer he stay right where he is! I’ve been feeling some braxton hicks contractions every once in a while that are not my favourite sensations. They’re a reminder of the fun I have coming my way. I’m scared shitless if I’m being honest!

I had a pretty amazing weekend. It started off with reuniting my nephew and two of his favourite friends who also happen to be my lil babes older brother and sister. Their mom and I took the kids to William’s Park in Langley where they got to play in a little creek while her and I got to catch up. Once the sun went past the trees and the kids settled next to us we decided to tell them the news that the baby in my belly is going to be their baby brother. Abbie who is 3 obviously didn’t understand it but Ollie who is almost 6 got very quiet. I asked him what he thought of that and he sounded very pleased with big smile on his face. I’m sure the concept is something he won’t quite grasp for maybe a couple of years but it opened up the line of communication for him to ask any questions he wanted. I found out later that he asked his mom the questions wondering if it was Paxton’s brother too which she of course said Paxton was the cousin and he and Abbie are the brother and sister.

Seeing those two playing with Paxton was something I wasn’t sure was going to happen ever again before I met their Mom. I grew very close to those two in the short time I dated their father. I was the one that Ollie liked to snuggle with and who he always wanted to tuck him into bed. If I sat on the couch he would come to me and just want to sit with me. He was always just a great little guy who wanted to be close to me…. it broke my heart when I ended things with their dad and was told I wasn’t even allowed to give them their Christmas presents. I feel like I’ve been freed of the old chain…. now I have the freedom to have a healthy relationship with them and their mom and step daddy. My brother wants to have them all over for a BBQ soon which I am very excited for. I think it’s the start of a very important friendship for me and setting my lil guy up to be able to be close to his brother and sister as well as his cousins.


That bottom picture is so special… big brother snuggles already!

Today was a great day with the family going out to a small fishing farm where we all witnessed Paxton catch his first fish. He was so excited and I watched my dad beam with pride as he screamed “papa look I got one!!!” I still remember catching my first fish with my uncle Rick like it was yesterday and I was only about 7 or 8 so I hope it was just as special for Pax to remember for the years to come. Such a great weekend!!



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