3rd Trimester- 28 Weeks

I am officially in my 3rd Trimester this week. I’m entering into the widely known uncomfortable part of pregnancy. The baby is getting more cramped in there and moving around a ton. His eyes are open and blinking, developing more fat (just like his mama) and he enjoys bouncing on my bladder. I wonder if I’m going to have a bald lil babe like I was till I was two. Both his brother and sister were pretty bald so I’m pretty sure this one will be too.

I did my glucose tolerance test on Friday. I kept hearing about how awful the drink was but the taste of it didn’t really bother me neither did the blood tests afterwards. Once I got home about an hour after though I didn’t feel too great. And I could almost swear this lil guy was doing full flips and dancing with all the sugar in my system. He didn’t settle for a few hours afterwards, my belly was a bouncing!! I had to lay down on my side and when I lifted my shirt up it was full on entertainment watching the belly move.

I had been a little concerned that this guy being head up and kicking me in the bladder… I’ve read he should start settling into the head down position but just recently I’ve started feeling big kicks up high which is reassuring. It’s so crazy that we have reached June now and I’m due in August. Ready or not this lil guy is going to be here before I know it.

I can tell my hormones are starting to go a little wonky. I have days where I love my Bump and then I have days where I feel like a complete whale and worry about not getting my body back… then I feel guilty thinking how can I be so shallow. I can’t win with my stupid thoughts. I know the reality is what is most important is a healthy mom and healthy baby with a smooth delivery and so those are the thoughts I try to go back to but hormones are getting to be a little unstable lol.




I had a visit with my Aunt Lori and cousin Katelyn today. Katelyn brought me a gift that she made by hand for my little man and it floored me. She had texted me one day reading my hashtags on Instagram when I posted his initials and obviously figured out the name from the initials and wanted to confirm with me because she was making me something for him and while I’m not ready to share the name with everyone I did share the name with her… and I’m so glad I did. The gift was beautiful and so unique just for him.  I covered the name at the top but had to share a picture!




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