Baby Shower Surprise

Well my mom and sister Julie got me! I made plans with Rae-lee to take the kids out to a playplace in Surrey and so I got ready like I normally do, had my mom drop off the booster seat for Pax and waited to hear from Julie when the kids would be ready. I got the text and then headed over to her place to get the kids… I opened the door and EVERYONE yelled surprise!!!! My family and friends were there for a surprise baby shower. I was in complete shock and burst into tears. My mom had told me that the shower was in July so I was not expecting it at all. Even my aunt and cousin from the island came over for the surprise. I felt so loved! I can’t believe they pulled this off! It will go down as one of the best moments seeing everyone I love in one place.

My lil guy and I were just spoiled. My mom did such an amazing job keeping everything a secret. We talk everyday and always hang out and the fact that she didn’t let it slip is pretty damn good. Abbie, Ollie and Rae-lee were there too which was the icing on the cake. They did some handmade stars that will be going on the wall in the nursery, and of course I balled my eyes out when I saw it. I think there were a few teary eyed people at that moment. Rae-lee warned me and was worried that some may not know about the relationship but I told her that I was very open with my family and very proud of the relationship I have with her and the kids.

I have my favourite crib sheets and elephant mobile for the crip, a sound and picture projector, diaper genie, baby play centre that I fell in love with, everything I need for my journey into breast feeding and an endless amount of clothing and shoes. The generosity of my family and friends are already making this journey a bit easier and so exciting.  I went to bed last night after midnight after visiting with my mom, dad brandon and Julie and was up at 6am excited to go through everything. Sorting through the clothes this morning made everything very real… I’m soon going to have the lil guy that I get to dress up in all these little outfits and shoes. I can’t wait to have some time off to get the nursery in order.





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