30 weeks

Wow… 30 weeks along now. I have ten weeks left omg 😳😳😳.  I’m not sleeping, I’m getting cranky, I’m aching everywhere and the kicks to the inside of the rib cage has started. Ive trained 3 people at work to take over while I’m gone… that’s right 3 to take over while I’m gone. Makes me wonder what kind of asshole I’m working for that left me alone for so long… oh the things I could say.

On another note the baby daddy has officially found out and cried to his girlfriend begging her not to break up with him… saying he isn’t sure the baby is his. Not all people jump from person to person… he is such a doofus! I have no words for that idiotic comment at all. That man (if you can call him that) can kiss my big ass! I’m so happy I left his dumb ass. After hearing the lines he is throwing at his new gf I see that he uses the same ones he does on every girl and by the way he goes through women he recycles those lines every couple of months. I honestly feel bad for the newest one… I’m hoping he treats her better, no women deserves to be treated horribly. I do hear that history often repeats itself with narcissistic people.



On the bright side of things my baby boy will be here so soon! I’ve registered at the hospital finally and will be getting my hospital bag ready. I will soon be going to see the Doctor every two weeks for my check ups. As of right now it’s every four weeks keeping an eye on blood pressure and hoping it stays manageable. I guess I will also find out about the testing I did so fingers are crossed everything is normal when I see her Wednesday.

Let the count down begin!! So excited 😆

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