31 Weeks

My lil babe is growing and kicking like crazy. He is roughly 3 to 3 and a half pounds now and enjoys keeping me up all night moving my belly constantly. He dreams and has regular sleep cycles. His head I think sits right on top of my bladder so when he moves around I go from feeling fine to instantly needing to pee. Sometimes when he wakes me up in the night I turn on the lights and get the camera out and watch and record his movements because I can see full limb movements now. So bizarre… I sent a video to my dad and freaked him out. Hehehehe. According to the doctor he is happy and healthy. Me on the other hand… I have some things to work on.

I failed my glucose test which means i have to go back and take the 2 hour test. I have a feeling I have gestational diabetes. I was at work last week and had to leave early because I was feeling so dizzy I felt slightly drunk! So I was a little concerned and went home before it got worse. I also found out I have an iron deficiency and need to take more vitamin C. My doctors appointments are now every 2 weeks and my doctor is taking me out of work as of July 7th. Driving an hour there and back is starting to take a toll on my body and if I keep getting dizzy spells it can become dangerous.

Nightime is becoming painful now. I’m struggling to sleep. It’s not just the baby kicking around which sometimes is painful but if I move in my sleep and have been in one spot for too long it’s like I’m a 100 year old lady with sore bones. I get terrible sciatica pains in my butt cheeks if I lay on one side for too long which is a terrible burning sensation that just won’t go away. I get it if I sit too long. On the bright side I got my air conditioner in this weekend which is just in time for this Heat wave that has hit the lower mainland. I still have no shame though and walk around my house in my unders. That’s the joy of living alone… letting it all hang out without judgement.

An update on the ex is that there is nothing to update on him. He is smart in keeping his distance from this mama bear that will be ready to attack if I’m provoked. He had stated to his gf that he needs closure to his past which is a handful of shit… he got his closure when I left him and told him to shove his wants or needs right up…. well where the sun doesn’t shine. As long as he stays away from me I won’t raise hell.




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