35 weeks

It a hard to believe that I could be holding my lil man in 5 weeks. He is roughly 5 to 5 and a half pounds now and will continue to gain about half a pound each week from now on. He gets the hiccups sometimes 3 times in a day and they are so strong you can feel and see them jiggle my belly. The movements you can see through my clothing. My belly is measuring at about 41 inches with a weight gain total of 45 freaking pounds.😒 I’m reading that my boobs can start leaking anytime now which is just more great news. Haha not! My maternity pants are not even an option anymore… I actually prefer no pants at all. My waddle is full on but not completely because of the belly I don’t think, it’s the pain in my feet when I walk that is horrible. I wake up in early early morning around 5 am starving. So I eat a bowl of cereal and crawl back in to bed.

I see my doctor again on Wednesday and will probably be scheduled for appointments every week from now on till baby is here. It will make it easier being off work now though. Although being off work I find the days seem a little longer now. I know it’s best for me to be off work, the aches and pains are bad and the hormones and mood swings are just dangerous. Lol today for example I woke up just miserable… nothing a McDonald’s chocolate milkshake couldn’t fix of course.

Im getting a few things ready and done each day for baby. His clothes are all washed and sorted according to the sizes. My dad and mom put together my change table and we got that into the nursery. Today my mom and I went and picked up grey bins to organize things for the change table, things like the butt cream, baby powder and lotion and diapers. I have the baby’s bag packed for the hospital with the going home outfits picked out. Next is to get my hospital bag ready and get the car seat in my car so I can take my little man home. So exciting!!

Today Julie found me her second round of maternity clothes that are the next size up because… yup I’m large lol. She also found me a baby swing which is small and compact and perfect for my house. The perks of being the second one to have a baby. My best friend has also kept some things for me that I’m going to go through for things I think I need. I’m surrounded by some pretty amazing people!

I guess I should start coming up with a birth plan soon. I know one thing for sure and that is I am absolutely going to ask for the epidural when the time is right. I don’t handle pain well and will not be one of the ladies that wants to try this labour thing without it. More power to the ladies who do it that way, I’m just not one of them. Something I should be discussing with my doctor very soon. Let the 5 week countdown begin!

current cravings: red grapes





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