36 weeks

Wowza 36 weeks. I remember when I first got pregnant and thought that at the 35 week mark I’m pretty much done and with how I’m feeling I was so right! I’m so done. I woke up Saturday morning bright and early with a throbbing numb right hand. I though maybe I slept on it so I waited for the feeling to come back but it didn’t, it just continued to throb and tingle. I googled 36 weeks and with numb hand thinking something might be wrong and carpel tunnel popped up everywhere… another fun preggy symptom. I had such easy first and second trimesters, so now I feel like I’m making up for it.

I had a visit with my best friend who I met in my first days of high school and she had a whole bunch of things for me. She has two beautiful kids who are going to be 4 and 2 in December so she has been through it all before. This is the girl that made my high school years what they were with some of my best memories of boys, trouble, sleepovers and partying and now we are having babies that can grow with each other. She got emotional talking about how happy she was that I am having a baby and how brave she thought I was for deciding to do this on my own and for me to get away from a toxic situation with my ex. Of course it made me emotional but in a good way. I don’t know that I will ever have a friend like her again.

Today was my lil babes big brother Ollies 6 th birthday. His mom has done a bday party set up for August 7th which is 2 days after her due date. Brave girl she is!! She is so close to her due date and I’m so happy for her. It’s a scary thing to think I will be next but I honestly want this baby out of me. And I’m know she is feeling the same way. Hopefully for her it happens soon. Hell I’d be okay if I was 2 weeks early. Only time will tell.


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