False Alarms False Labour

Well yesterday was a long ass day. I had woken up to a not so pleasant preggy symptom… I was leaking. I had the afternoon before too so when I told my doctor she she gave me a look and said yup I’m sorry but time to head to the hospital. If my water had broken then they will induce me to prevent infection. GOOD thing my mom came with me to that appointment.

We went to the hospital and I guess everyone in surrey decided it was a good day to be there too and go into active labour. We waited a long ass time. I had called my sister in law julie and told her to stay by the phone just in case but she decided to come even though she was suppose to be at work! What a team I have around me.

I was finally taken into a room after waiting almost 2 and a half hours and hooked up to machines to be monitored. After a while I started to get really bad back pain and had to stand…. then started feeling what I thought was the baby shoving his little booty way out into my belly. It took my breath away and made me stop and just focus on what was going on in my body. Julie asked me if I was having a contraction and I said no baby was just moving. Then it happened a few more times and julie unbeknownst to me started timing. I thought to myself no freaking way!! So every time it happened julie would look at her watch and say bAby is “moving” every 6 mins or so. Then the nurse after 2 and a half hours looked at the monitor and confirmed I was having contractions. Well the tears just started flowing. I was so scared!!

Im at the hospital having contractions 4 weeks early without a hospital bag, without my car seat in my car and realizing I am not ready but that it didn’t matter. Reality was setting in and I didn’t like it one bit. I have been saying I want this baby out but holy shit I was scared.

When I finally did get checked by the doctor she did a very painful exam to see if the water had broken which to my relief it hadn’t. My cervix hadn’t begun to dialate which meant that despite the contractions I could go home and monitor the contractions at home. Oh man! I was starving and relieved but honestly felt bad. My poor mom and julie were there for 6 hours with me and then we had to go home. I got absolutely no sleep with the contractions continuing through the night about 15 minutes apart. I couldn’t lay down as they were happening and had to roll out of bed to deal with the pain. Somewhere between 5 and 6 am they had all but stopped.

Now it’s time to pack a hospital bag and get that car seat in my car. I don’t want to be caught off guard like that ever again! Now I think this baby can stay in there another 2 weeks… not now or this week lol. Today will be a day of rest to get caught up on some much needed sleep. Yesterday was a mentally and physically draining day and one I won’t soon forget.




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