Hump Day Bump Day

I had a doctors appointment today and everything is looking healthy. I was also told that I could have a membrane sweep done with my permission to try to get the process going. so the doctor would examine and attemp to loosen the membrane from the cervix. My first thought is ouch!!

Ive had very uncomfortable contractions every other night since I had the hospital visit that usually go on for about 2 and a half hours. Wow do the hurt! I wouldn’t mind getting this labour going so that doesn’t keep happening. I get worried and scared when they start but then they stop just as quickly as the get started. Thinking about that happening every other night till my due date is depressing! I know labour is going to be so much worse but at least the end might come a little sooner. Plus this heat right now really gets to me. I guess only time will tell.

37 weeks and huge!




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