38 weeks

This week baby could be 6 and a half to 7 pounds in my belly. I went in to see my doctor today to get a sweep done. I was a little nervous because I heard it can be very uncomfortable which was true. She said she did the best she could but that my cervix is still very posterior right now. On the other side she mentioned that baby is very low and in the right position which would explain my peeing every 15 mins as he uses my bladder as his pillow.

I also spoke to her about induction and when that would happen should I go overdue because let’s face it I’m so antsy to get this baby out. What she said is that they would induce only 41+3 weeks which would be 3 weeks from today September 6th. My gut is telling me that is most likely what will end up happening. Don’t get me wrong I’d love to have him earlier but I just have a feeling that’s what will happen. I’d rather be prepared for that so that I’m not disappointed each day that I don’t go into labour. Now if the cramping would stop so I don’t keep wondering if it’s time that would help. I will however ask my doctor next week if we can go ahead and schedule it now so that I don’t get stuck waiting beyond that date.

My next bit of reading will be about induction. I’ve heard things that aren’t favourable like it can make the labour even longer and more painful then when natural labour happens. It doubles the risk of c section especially in first time moms and isn’t a guarantee to even get things going. Sometimes it take 2 or 3 tries for the induction to be successful which will be a very stressful situation I’m sure. On the other hand being overdue increases the risk of needing an assisted delivery using forceps (which I absolutely don’t want), a large baby, slowed heart rate for baby, breathing problems and slowed growth. I guess it’s all weighing out what is best for baby.

Im trying to prepare myself for this impending process that is getting closer and closer. Let’s face it I’m absolutely scared shitless. Who knows maybe this baby surprises us and comes in the next week but I’m not banking on that one but a girl can wish!


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