Labour Story Part 1

My boy has made his arrival exactly one week past his due date. What a tough few days it was not knowing if the pains I was experiencing were the real deal. It all started a few day before, September 1st when I had been up all night feeling contractions and finally called my mom at 5:00am. I had contractions before so I told my dad and sis in law to go to work and we’ll call them if anything. My mom and I went for a walk a decided to go in to the hospital to get checked afterwards. Of course once I got there the contractions all subsided again! I still hadn’t dilated. After leaving and getting home I started feeling them again once or so every hour. I tried to go to bed that night but they continued to get worse. I went to my moms house at 1:00am because I had exhausted all my hot water and needed to be in a warm bath and was sick of being alone.

My mom ran me a bath and I soaked for a while before she made up the couch for me to lay on. She went to bed about 3 am and I went home about 4 am and slept every 20 mins between contractions. When I woke up I was in agony but still wasn’t going to the hospital only to be disappointed again. I lasted till about 5 pm when I told my mom I need to get to the hospital to at least get something for the pain. We called Celeste on the way as I realized that I couldn’t even sit in the front seat…. back seat on all fours and still in agony. Something was different this time. I got to the hospital and was checked immediately and to my surprise was told I was dilated 3-4 cm. Cue the water works…. I balled my eyes out. I had waited so long to hear that and I couldn’t believe it. It still makes my eyes tear up to think about it.

I got into my room shortly after and requested a yoga ball to sit on and had a shower to help with the pain. Once Celeste got there her and my mom went to my favourite taco place for my last meal before becoming a momma. Of course I wasn’t that hungry but I had to eat I knew I was in for a long night. I was eventually hooked up to a monitor because my little mans heart rate was about 170 and it stayed that way for a couple hours as he bounced around in my belly. They kept asking if he was always so active and I laughed and said yup!!! Once he settled I was able to get off the monitors and just labour. Julie was off work at 11:30pm and my labour was starting to pick up with pain. I had tried the gas but that didn’t do anything for me.

Once I got checked at 5 cm I decided to ask for the epidural. I was in a lot of pain by that point. Little did I know it would take some time to actually have them set up to do it. While they set up I went through about 6 contractions that were incredible. Celeste held my hand through the entire thing helping me to remember to breathe because I felt like I was tearing in half. To be honest I was nervous about to epidural but the fear didn’t outweigh the pain of labour. All my love to women who do it naturally because they are freaking superwoman in my eyes. It took a few minutes for the epidural to kick in and once it did I finally was able to keep a level head.

Well that’s it for part one…. trying to pump and stay on schedule. Mommy duties call.


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