Labour Story Part 2

Part 2 starts where the epidural begins with me breathing a sigh of relief once it kicked in. Shortly after that Julie was on her way after work and arrived in scrubs and all. All of us girls sat and chatted for a while to pass the time before I got checked again. I had gone to 6 cm but it looked like labour was slowing down so the doctor suggested oxytocin to get contractions moving which I agreed to. I was getting tired and was hoping to have the same doctor deliver the baby before her shift was over. I loved her!

The oxy got things moving after a while but baby started to have deceleration of his heart rate all the way done to 70 bpm during the peak of the contractions. The doctor sat in my room for a long time monitoring the heart rate and then suggested doing a procedure to put fluid (my water was broken by the doctor at 5 cm) back in to cushion the baby incase the cord was wrapped around the neck. I was very nervous for baby at this point… I had dreams before that the cord was wrapped around the neck so anything to help out I was willing to do. The procedure helped out for a while but it didn’t continue to help the heart rate for long.

The docs took me off oxy because baby wasn’t a fan of it and checked me. At this point I was 7-8 cm but it was now 6 am. I was exhausted, thirsty living on ice chips that eventually made me throw up twice, my back was sore from being in one position since the epidural, I was sweaty and warm despite all the cold cloths Julie continually freshened for me and was concerned every time I heard his little heart rate drop. I was asked to roll on my side at one point and that was the beginning of the end for me. When I rolled it felt like I threw my neck out, my arms went tingly and numb and the shooting pain went down my neck to my spine. At this point I just thought how am I going to push a baby out now and panick started to set in.

Once the initial pain slowed down in my neck the doctor came in to talk about options at 7 am. I could continue to labour for the next 4 hours to see if I progress past 8 cm which is what I was stuck at for some time and if that didn’t work it would be a c section, or I could opt for c section now. To be honest I didn’t know how much I had left in me, labour and no sleep for 2 going on 3 days, not being sure I’d be able to bare down and push with my neck and back the way they were and no guarantees that baby’s heart would withstand the pushing. I duscussed it with my team and decided that c section would be best to get this baby out. I cried for a bit thinking I had failed but was assured by the doctor that my decision was a good one and that I had done a lot.

Now it was time to get ready for c section and them cutting me open. I had discussed with my dad ahead of time that if this were the case that he would go in with me to be by my side. The docs got him dressed up in his gear while they topped off the meds in the epidural to the point that I was numb and my legs weighed a thousand pounds. I said goodbye to my mom, Celeste and Julie as they wheeled me out of the room.

Meeting this baby was the next exciting thing to come… I hoped it was an uneventful c section but who are we kidding of course I freaked out once they started. More on that once I can add to this labour story.


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