First Week Home

My first week home was full of fears, tears and smiles from this new mommy. Breastfeeding is a challenge to know that he is getting enough and to know when to supplement. Then dealing with the fear of his reflux and choking in the night was a whole other issue. Our first night was a breeze getting up every two hours to feed but he slept well. The second night though was a struggle and one that just got to me. He was awake and crying from 2:00 am till close to 7:00 am. He kept spitting up and turning red and I could tell he was in pain. I cried because I just couldn’t help him.

It wasn’t until I put him on his tummy that he settled and finally fell asleep despite the fact it was feeding time, there was no way I was going to wake him to feed him. Julie came by to check on me and him because I had called my mom in tears not sure what to do but she was at work. By that time however things seemed to have settled. So I got out the breast pump and pumped getting ready for when he did wake up. That day my mom took him once she was done work so I could have a two hour nap and man did I need it. I’m talking all out snoring session, out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Since then we have a new night time routine where we do skin to skin to settle and sleep and he sleeps great. The past couple nights I have managed to get him to settle swaddled on his back to sleep which he has now been handling well. I know things can change but right now I’m happy with the night time routine.




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