Two Weeks Old

I can not believe this guy is two weeks old Sunday.  He had his first doctors appointment on Wednesday and he has put on 8 oz since birth which I’m sure supplementing with formula has helped. Regardless of what people think I’m pretty sure I will continue to supplement as a precaution to make sure he is getting enough before bedtime. I know breastfeeding is natural and a great thing to do health wise but if I’m out I’m still not comfortable just whipping the boob out. I do pump but I don’t always pump enough to last him. Sometimes I’m able to get 4 oz and sometimes I’m only able to get 2 oz and right now he eats about 3 oz in one feeding.

I’m still getting help with bath time from grandma… the bathtub I have is one you fill and I can’t bend to bath him him the big tub and I still can’t lift it once it’s been filled with water. Tonight was an eventful bath time… he waited till after bath all warm and fuzzy in his bath towel to decide to poop while laying on my bed… then he peed everywhere. Back in the water he went and then that diaper was changed along with the sheets on my bed. I was happy grandma was here to help because it was a complete disaster from start to finish. On the other hand this lil babe loves to be bathed and loves to have his little head rubbed down… I mean who doesn’t love a good nice warm bath?

Motherhood is not an easy task but when I wake up in the morning and grab him for a cuddle and he just looks up at me before falling back to sleep and I fall in love over and over. Those moments are the ones that I had been so eagerly waiting for and man they don’t disappoint. I knew I would love him but this love is so big and protective that I can’t even describe. His smiles (even though I know they’re just reflex smiles) are just priceless and I love seeing them happen. I’m one happy mama.




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