33 weeks

33 weeks as of today. I’m officially off work and it feels weird. Now I’m just going to get fat from eating all day but whatever. I had a bit of a scare on Wednesday that was enough to make me cry… which let’s be honest happens easily these days lol. Tuesday night after work I had such horrible pains in my upper abdominal area and every time the baby kicked up high it became excruciating. Laying down was painful and rolling over was absolutely horrible… I contemplated going into the hospital but decided to tough it out knowing I had a doctors appointment the next day. Throughout the night it got a bit better. Once I was up I had my one a day delicious coffee and the pain was back almost instantly. I got to the doctors and noticed that my hands were about as swollen as I had ever seen them. Now I’m starting to get a little worried.

Once the doc came in and I told her about the pain she gave me shit for not going to the hospital when I was feeling the pain. She took my blood pressure, listened to the baby’s heart rate and then felt my stomach where the pain was and holy F did it hurt! She sat me up and said that’s it, your going to the hospital and you’re done work. I kind of looked at her in shock and she said that it could be my uterus that is in pain and that she was going to call the hospital and let them know I was coming and that I needed to go right to the hospital. I obviously called my mom on the way to hospital who told me she was going to come there as soon as she picked up my dad.

I was the newest one in the waiting room at the birthing unit and and the first one called into get a bed. They put me in a bed and hooked me up to a fetal monitor in my fabulous hospital gown and I waited listening to my baby’s heart beat. My mom showed up about a half hour later and sat with me. They had already taken my blood work and urine sample so it was a waiting game on the doctor and test results.

I had been hooked up to the monitor for about an hour when the nurse came in an looked at the results and said baby was looking happy. She turned everything off and and made my dad very uncomfortable when she started to lift my gown to take it off which I assured him was normal and ok for him to be there for. To which he responded “I’m the father…. not of the baby but of the patient” I burst out laughing and telling him to calm down. Β Hahahaha omg I just about died! He makes me laugh when he gets uncomfortable πŸ˜†. Β Then he said he was going to get my mom to come in hehehehe.

Once the doctor came in and examined everything including my belly and the position of the baby she told me that it sounded like gastric pain which can feel like someone is twisting your stomach… which was the exact pain I had described. The results for preeclampsia came back negative and everything else looked really good including the health of the baby. She prescribed meds for stomach acids to help with the pain and told me to cut out spicy and gassy foods. It’s kind of crazy that gastric pain can be that horrible and it probably doesn’t help that the baby kicks are so high up now that I’m feeling them right in the stomach and under the ribs.

This little guy is now about 4 pounds and 17 to 18 inches long. He full on wakes me up daily with moving my belly. And I’m hungry all the time. My newest cravings are anything with garlic and McDonald’s chocolate milkshakes. I’ve all but stopped eating chicken but I’m still in love with pineapple and all fruit. I feel like I eat my weight in food… and now that I’m off work I better keep up with exercise or I’m just going to continue expanding in the ass area. 😳

7 week count down has begun!


31 Weeks

My lil babe is growing and kicking like crazy. He is roughly 3 to 3 and a half pounds now and enjoys keeping me up all night moving my belly constantly. He dreams and has regular sleep cycles. His head I think sits right on top of my bladder so when he moves around I go from feeling fine to instantly needing to pee. Sometimes when he wakes me up in the night I turn on the lights and get the camera out and watch and record his movements because I can see full limb movements now. So bizarre… I sent a video to my dad and freaked him out. Hehehehe. According to the doctor he is happy and healthy. Me on the other hand… I have some things to work on.

I failed my glucose test which means i have to go back and take the 2 hour test. I have a feeling I have gestational diabetes. I was at work last week and had to leave early because I was feeling so dizzy I felt slightly drunk! So I was a little concerned and went home before it got worse. I also found out I have an iron deficiency and need to take more vitamin C. My doctors appointments are now every 2 weeks and my doctor is taking me out of work as of July 7th. Driving an hour there and back is starting to take a toll on my body and if I keep getting dizzy spells it can become dangerous.

Nightime is becoming painful now. I’m struggling to sleep. It’s not just the baby kicking around which sometimes is painful but if I move in my sleep and have been in one spot for too long it’s like I’m a 100 year old lady with sore bones. I get terrible sciatica pains in my butt cheeks if I lay on one side for too long which is a terrible burning sensation that just won’t go away. I get it if I sit too long. On the bright side I got my air conditioner in this weekend which is just in time for this Heat wave that has hit the lower mainland. I still have no shame though and walk around my house in my unders. That’s the joy of living alone… letting it all hang out without judgement.

An update on the ex is that there is nothing to update on him. He is smart in keeping his distance from this mama bear that will be ready to attack if I’m provoked. He had stated to his gf that he needs closure to his past which is a handful of shit… he got his closure when I left him and told him to shove his wants or needs right up…. well where the sun doesn’t shine. As long as he stays away from me I won’t raise hell.



30 weeks

Wow… 30 weeks along now. I have ten weeks left omg 😳😳😳. Β I’m not sleeping, I’m getting cranky, I’m aching everywhere and the kicks to the inside of the rib cage has started. Ive trained 3 people at work to take over while I’m gone… that’s right 3 to take over while I’m gone. Makes me wonder what kind of asshole I’m working for that left me alone for so long… oh the things I could say.

On another note the baby daddy has officially found out and cried to his girlfriend begging her not to break up with him… saying he isn’t sure the baby is his. Not all people jump from person to person… he is such a doofus! I have no words for that idiotic comment at all. That man (if you can call him that) can kiss my big ass! I’m so happy I left his dumb ass. After hearing the lines he is throwing at his new gf I see that he uses the same ones he does on every girl and by the way he goes through women he recycles those lines every couple of months. I honestly feel bad for the newest one… I’m hoping he treats her better, no women deserves to be treated horribly. I do hear that history often repeats itself with narcissistic people.



On the bright side of things my baby boy will be here so soon! I’ve registered at the hospital finally and will be getting my hospital bag ready. I will soon be going to see the Doctor every two weeks for my check ups. As of right now it’s every four weeks keeping an eye on blood pressure and hoping it stays manageable. I guess I will also find out about the testing I did so fingers are crossed everything is normal when I see her Wednesday.

Let the count down begin!! So excited πŸ˜†

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