Labour Story Part 2

Part 2 starts where the epidural begins with me breathing a sigh of relief once it kicked in. Shortly after that Julie was on her way after work and arrived in scrubs and all. All of us girls sat and chatted for a while to pass the time before I got checked again. I had gone to 6 cm but it looked like labour was slowing down so the doctor suggested oxytocin to get contractions moving which I agreed to. I was getting tired and was hoping to have the same doctor deliver the baby before her shift was over. I loved her!

The oxy got things moving after a while but baby started to have deceleration of his heart rate all the way done to 70 bpm during the peak of the contractions. The doctor sat in my room for a long time monitoring the heart rate and then suggested doing a procedure to put fluid (my water was broken by the doctor at 5 cm) back in to cushion the baby incase the cord was wrapped around the neck. I was very nervous for baby at this point… I had dreams before that the cord was wrapped around the neck so anything to help out I was willing to do. The procedure helped out for a while but it didn’t continue to help the heart rate for long.

The docs took me off oxy because baby wasn’t a fan of it and checked me. At this point I was 7-8 cm but it was now 6 am. I was exhausted, thirsty living on ice chips that eventually made me throw up twice, my back was sore from being in one position since the epidural, I was sweaty and warm despite all the cold cloths Julie continually freshened for me and was concerned every time I heard his little heart rate drop. I was asked to roll on my side at one point and that was the beginning of the end for me. When I rolled it felt like I threw my neck out, my arms went tingly and numb and the shooting pain went down my neck to my spine. At this point I just thought how am I going to push a baby out now and panick started to set in.

Once the initial pain slowed down in my neck the doctor came in to talk about options at 7 am. I could continue to labour for the next 4 hours to see if I progress past 8 cm which is what I was stuck at for some time and if that didn’t work it would be a c section, or I could opt for c section now. To be honest I didn’t know how much I had left in me, labour and no sleep for 2 going on 3 days, not being sure I’d be able to bare down and push with my neck and back the way they were and no guarantees that baby’s heart would withstand the pushing. I duscussed it with my team and decided that c section would be best to get this baby out. I cried for a bit thinking I had failed but was assured by the doctor that my decision was a good one and that I had done a lot.

Now it was time to get ready for c section and them cutting me open. I had discussed with my dad ahead of time that if this were the case that he would go in with me to be by my side. The docs got him dressed up in his gear while they topped off the meds in the epidural to the point that I was numb and my legs weighed a thousand pounds. I said goodbye to my mom, Celeste and Julie as they wheeled me out of the room.

Meeting this baby was the next exciting thing to come… I hoped it was an uneventful c section but who are we kidding of course I freaked out once they started. More on that once I can add to this labour story.


Labour Story Part 1

My boy has made his arrival exactly one week past his due date. What a tough few days it was not knowing if the pains I was experiencing were the real deal. It all started a few day before, September 1st when I had been up all night feeling contractions and finally called my mom at 5:00am. I had contractions before so I told my dad and sis in law to go to work and we’ll call them if anything. My mom and I went for a walk a decided to go in to the hospital to get checked afterwards. Of course once I got there the contractions all subsided again! I still hadn’t dilated. After leaving and getting home I started feeling them again once or so every hour. I tried to go to bed that night but they continued to get worse. I went to my moms house at 1:00am because I had exhausted all my hot water and needed to be in a warm bath and was sick of being alone.

My mom ran me a bath and I soaked for a while before she made up the couch for me to lay on. She went to bed about 3 am and I went home about 4 am and slept every 20 mins between contractions. When I woke up I was in agony but still wasn’t going to the hospital only to be disappointed again. I lasted till about 5 pm when I told my mom I need to get to the hospital to at least get something for the pain. We called Celeste on the way as I realized that I couldn’t even sit in the front seat…. back seat on all fours and still in agony. Something was different this time. I got to the hospital and was checked immediately and to my surprise was told I was dilated 3-4 cm. Cue the water works…. I balled my eyes out. I had waited so long to hear that and I couldn’t believe it. It still makes my eyes tear up to think about it.

I got into my room shortly after and requested a yoga ball to sit on and had a shower to help with the pain. Once Celeste got there her and my mom went to my favourite taco place for my last meal before becoming a momma. Of course I wasn’t that hungry but I had to eat I knew I was in for a long night. I was eventually hooked up to a monitor because my little mans heart rate was about 170 and it stayed that way for a couple hours as he bounced around in my belly. They kept asking if he was always so active and I laughed and said yup!!! Once he settled I was able to get off the monitors and just labour. Julie was off work at 11:30pm and my labour was starting to pick up with pain. I had tried the gas but that didn’t do anything for me.

Once I got checked at 5 cm I decided to ask for the epidural. I was in a lot of pain by that point. Little did I know it would take some time to actually have them set up to do it. While they set up I went through about 6 contractions that were incredible. Celeste held my hand through the entire thing helping me to remember to breathe because I felt like I was tearing in half. To be honest I was nervous about to epidural but the fear didn’t outweigh the pain of labour. All my love to women who do it naturally because they are freaking superwoman in my eyes.┬áIt took a few minutes for the epidural to kick in and once it did I finally was able to keep a level head.

Well that’s it for part one…. trying to pump and stay on schedule. Mommy duties call.

Hump Day Bump Day

39 weeks 3 days



I saw my doctor today and had a full 20 second sweep done today. This one hurt pretty bad but well worth it if we get some results… I’m hoping a baby. She said she was able to feel baby’s head and stretch the cervix which is very promising and gross all at the same time. She asked if I wanted one and at first I said no because the last one was a little discouraging. Then she explained why she should try this time and convinced me that I should. Im happy I did… to hear that there is progress happening was the highlight of the last two weeks. I’ve also lost a little bit of weight since the last time I was on the scale but that still puts me at a 50 pound weight gain since I got pregnant. Wowza! I think it’s safe to say though this baby is going to be a late baby. That’s what I’m telling myself so that I don’t wake up disappointed on Sunday.

38 weeks

This week baby could be 6 and a half to 7 pounds in my belly. I went in to see my doctor today to get a sweep done. I was a little nervous because I heard it can be very uncomfortable which was true. She said she did the best she could but that my cervix is still very posterior right now. On the other side she mentioned that baby is very low and in the right position which would explain my peeing every 15 mins as he uses my bladder as his pillow.

I also spoke to her about induction and when that would happen should I go overdue because let’s face it I’m so antsy to get this baby out. What she said is that they would induce only 41+3 weeks which would be 3 weeks from today September 6th. My gut is telling me that is most likely what will end up happening. Don’t get me wrong I’d love to have him earlier but I just have a feeling that’s what will happen. I’d rather be prepared for that so that I’m not disappointed each day that I don’t go into labour. Now if the cramping would stop so I don’t keep wondering if it’s time that would help. I will however ask my doctor next week if we can go ahead and schedule it now so that I don’t get stuck waiting beyond that date.

My next bit of reading will be about induction. I’ve heard things that aren’t favourable like it can make the labour even longer and more painful then when natural labour happens. It doubles the risk of c section especially in first time moms and isn’t a guarantee to even get things going. Sometimes it take 2 or 3 tries for the induction to be successful which will be a very stressful situation I’m sure. On the other hand being overdue increases the risk of needing an assisted delivery using forceps (which I absolutely don’t want), a large baby, slowed heart rate for baby, breathing problems and slowed growth. I guess it’s all weighing out what is best for baby.

Im trying to prepare myself for this impending process that is getting closer and closer. Let’s face it I’m absolutely scared shitless. Who knows maybe this baby surprises us and comes in the next week but I’m not banking on that one but a girl can wish!

Hump Day Bump Day

I had a doctors appointment today and everything is looking healthy. I was also told that I could have a membrane sweep done with my permission to try to get the process going. so the doctor would examine and attemp to loosen the membrane from the cervix. My first thought is ouch!!

Ive had very uncomfortable contractions every other night since I had the hospital visit that usually go on for about 2 and a half hours. Wow do the hurt! I wouldn’t mind getting this labour going so that doesn’t keep happening. I get worried and scared when they start but then they stop just as quickly as the get started. Thinking about that happening every other night till my due date is depressing! I know labour is going to be so much worse but at least the end might come a little sooner. Plus this heat right now really gets to me. I guess only time will tell.

37 weeks and huge!



False Alarms False Labour

Well yesterday was a long ass day. I had woken up to a not so pleasant preggy symptom… I was leaking. I had the afternoon before too so when I told my doctor she she gave me a look and said yup I’m sorry but time to head to the hospital. If my water had broken then they will induce me to prevent infection. GOOD thing my mom came with me to that appointment.

We went to the hospital and I guess everyone in surrey decided it was a good day to be there too and go into active labour. We waited a long ass time. I had called my sister in law julie and told her to stay by the phone just in case but she decided to come even though she was suppose to be at work! What a team I have around me.

I was finally taken into a room after waiting almost 2 and a half hours and hooked up to machines to be monitored. After a while I started to get really bad back pain and had to stand…. then started feeling what I thought was the baby shoving his little booty way out into my belly. It took my breath away and made me stop and just focus on what was going on in my body. Julie asked me if I was having a contraction and I said no baby was just moving. Then it happened a few more times and julie unbeknownst to me started timing. I thought to myself no freaking way!! So every time it happened julie would look at her watch and say bAby is “moving” every 6 mins or so. Then the nurse after 2 and a half hours looked at the monitor and confirmed I was having contractions. Well the tears just started flowing. I was so scared!!

Im at the hospital having contractions 4 weeks early without a hospital bag, without my car seat in my car and realizing I am not ready but that it didn’t matter. Reality was setting in and I didn’t like it one bit. I have been saying I want this baby out but holy shit I was scared.

When I finally did get checked by the doctor she did a very painful exam to see if the water had broken which to my relief it hadn’t. My cervix hadn’t begun to dialate which meant that despite the contractions I could go home and monitor the contractions at home. Oh man! I was starving and relieved but honestly felt bad. My poor mom and julie were there for 6 hours with me and then we had to go home. I got absolutely no sleep with the contractions continuing through the night about 15 minutes apart. I couldn’t lay down as they were happening and had to roll out of bed to deal with the pain. Somewhere between 5 and 6 am they had all but stopped.

Now it’s time to pack a hospital bag and get that car seat in my car. I don’t want to be caught off guard like that ever again! Now I think this baby can stay in there another 2 weeks… not now or this week lol. Today will be a day of rest to get caught up on some much needed sleep. Yesterday was a mentally and physically draining day and one I won’t soon forget.



36 weeks

Wowza 36 weeks. I remember when I first got pregnant and thought that at the 35 week mark I’m pretty much done and with how I’m feeling I was so right! I’m so done. I woke up Saturday morning bright and early with a throbbing numb right hand. I though maybe I slept on it so I waited for the feeling to come back but it didn’t, it just continued to throb and tingle. I googled 36 weeks and with numb hand thinking something might be wrong and carpel tunnel popped up everywhere… another fun preggy symptom. I had such easy first and second trimesters, so now I feel like I’m making up for it.

I had a visit with my best friend who I met in my first days of high school and she had a whole bunch of things for me. She has two beautiful kids who are going to be 4 and 2 in December so she has been through it all before. This is the girl that made my high school years what they were with some of my best memories of boys, trouble, sleepovers and partying and now we are having babies that can grow with each other. She got emotional talking about how happy she was that I am having a baby and how brave she thought I was for deciding to do this on my own and for me to get away from a toxic situation with my ex. Of course it made me emotional but in a good way. I don’t know that I will ever have a friend like her again.

Today was my lil babes big brother Ollies 6 th birthday. His mom has done a bday party set up for August 7th which is 2 days after her due date. Brave girl she is!! She is so close to her due date and I’m so happy for her. It’s a scary thing to think I will be next but I honestly want this baby out of me. And I’m know she is feeling the same way. Hopefully for her it happens soon. Hell I’d be okay if I was 2 weeks early. Only time will tell.